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ven. 11 mai 2018 - 19h00
Lieu Lyon
Durée 1h
Tarifs Sur place le jour même : 12 €
Sur le site internet : à partir de 6 €
+ frais de dossier
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3 International Duos
Lyon Improv Fest
Concept : Format libre

Solodoppio (Sweden)
In a place where worlds collide, different realities hold hands and space and time had too much to drink, two parallel played solos merges into one duo. A double solo. Solodoppio.

Sassy murder (Netherlands)
Sassy Murder was formed out of a love of freedom and absurdity on stage. Heavily inspired by Boston-style freeform, filtered through Chicago long-form and European narrative, they take all the best bits and the bits they love, throw it all against the wall and see what sticks.

The Bookends (Belgium)
The Bookends is a literature-inspired narrative longform duo. The audience is asked to bring a book with them, and once one is selected, a sentence from it will inspire the rest of their show. Throughout the show, they both act out and take turns narrating the story, giving the audience an alternative, touching and entertaining version of their book! You will never read your book in the same way again...

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